Lebanese indie band Mashrou' Leila is finally performing in Jordan this summer after a two-year absence.

The band announced the news on its official Facebook page last night, stating that the concert is organized by ALEF productions and will take place in Amman on June 27. 

The concert is set to mark Mashrou' Leila's sixth performance in Jordan and will feature the band's most recent album, "Ibn El Leil", which was released in 2015.

This comes a year after Jordanian authorities decided to ban the six-member band from performing in Amman, announcing the decision only a few days before the concert was scheduled to take place on April 29, 2016. 

The excitement is real

People couldn't believe the news


Some will go to extreme lengths to attend the concert

Non-Jordanians are beyond jealous

They made it "despite the bigotry"

Here's hoping last year's incident does not reoccur

According to a statement released by the band at the time, the decision came as a direct result of the intervention of “certain authorities” who pressured Jordanian officials to cancel the performance. 

The Jordanian interior ministry officials and religious figures had stated that Mashrou' Leila's music contradicts "Islam, Christianity and the values of Jordanian society," the BBC reported at the time.

The ban was eventually lifted the night before the concert was supposed to take place, which made it impossible for the band to follow through with the concert.

With its frontman Hamed Sinno open about his queerness, Mashrou' Leila is known for championing sexual freedom. In 2010, Sinno raised the LGBTIQ+ flag during the band's Byblos concert, publicly taking a stand with respect to homosexuality in the Arab world. 

Sinno has fearlessly made his own sexuality crystal clear, making the band one of the biggest LGBTIQ+ allies for Arabs struggling with their own sexuality.

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