Dear Marwan Habib, 

You probably don't remember because it's hard to keep a tally of all your victims when they are so many. But I'll try to remind you.

If my memory serves me right, it was sometime at the start of the 2019 spring semester because that was when I started my master's program at AUB. It was cold because I was wearing a leather jacket when your eyeballs fixated on me. I was getting a cup of coffee from Latte Art with a friend just like any other student enrolled at the university. But you kept looking at me like I was the cup of coffee and suddenly minutes seemed like hours. I was uncomfortable, I was anxious and I just wanted to disappear from your sight. But I wanted my cup of coffee, so I stayed. Then you spoke, more like mumbled something in hopes I would understand. I looked at you and asked what it is you want. 

"You're cute," was your response. My friend was approaching me with our drinks, heard you, looked at me, and we both walked away. I couldn't fathom what had just happened and it was my mistake for brushing it off. Society has programmed us to ignore cat-callers and harassers like yourself, so I hadn't given the incident a second thought. It actually lost its way in my memory up until your photo started creeping on my feed. I knew I saw you somewhere but couldn't remember where. That was until a Facebook friend shared her story and the word "cute" in her post (apparently, you follow some kind of script) triggered something in my head. I texted my friend to see if my memory was in its place; it was but I was so darn naive for letting it slide just like that. 

But your face is creeping on the country's online feeds just like you crept into our lives. And for that, I am forever thankful to Marya Latif, an 18-year-old woman who worked up the courage to tell her story, pushing countless of other women to speak up against this creature.

Dear Marwan Habib, 

Jealousy and the evil eye are no basis for accusing someone of harassment. Harassment, on the other hand, is the foundation of accusing someone of harassment. Let's call it what it is because no one is buying your bullsh*t. 

Trust me, no one is jealous that you're a so-called athlete/personal trainer (maybe add harasser to your resume?) We have millions of them all over Lebanon and you're just another fish in the bucket of dumbbells and deadlifts. So spare us all that ridiculous narrative and just admit you are in the wrong. 

For those who haven't been following up, Marwan Habib is the latest (serial) harasser to get exposed in Lebanon. Over 50 women have come forward with their testimonies of harassment. All those stories have one thing in common: the perpetrator, aka Marwan Habib.  

But Habib thinks someone has paid all these women to fabricate their stories. He confidently claimed so during Joe Maalouf's TV program on Monday. 

Well, sorry to break it to you, you're not that special and truth be told, ain't nobody got time for lies. We're exposing the truth and your incessant lying habits must come to an end. Maybe, just maybe, you'll get to reassess those habits in prison. 

Dear Marwan Habib, 

You're not a blossoming tree as you claim yourself to be. You're not a self-made man that everyone is out to burn. Well, we are now, but the reasons have to do with justice, not jealousy. 

Lawyer Kareem Majbour attempted to seek justice on Monday evening. He presented evidence to discredit Habib, who claimed no complaints had ever been filed against him in the country. Majbour reminded Habib of the harassment reports women have, on numerous occasions, filed to police stations previously. He also reminded the harasser of the time he got fired from Level Up Fitness Club because women had reported his vile behavior towards them. Of course, he tried to refute those claims, just as he tried to undermine all the women who had exposed him on social media recently. Majbour presented footage obtained from the pub Radio Beirut in Mar Mikhael to challenge the pathological liar, but Habib still denied it all. In what patriarchal bubble does Habib live in? He thinks his word is above all else, whether it's a woman's word or factual evidence. 

Majbour also reminded Habib that a woman's body is her own, and not the property of any man. He also called Habib out for trying to take advantage of the patriarchal system in Lebanon that allows men to get away with such acts. "You know women in Lebanon can't speak up against abuse," Majbour tells Habib. 

Dear Marwan Habib, 

Stop saying "mish mazbout" when there is footage of you [min: 12:14] harassing multiple women in one night. Stop saying "mish mazbout" when more than 50 women called you out. Stop saying "mish mazbout" when it's crystal clear that you're a liar. Stop saying "mish mazbout" when the owner of Skybar himself confirmed that the club's management team blocked you from entering the premises over inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment complaints [min: 19:45].

Stop saying "mish mazbout" when you forced an 18-year-old to remove her post from social media when she called you out for your acts. Stop saying "mish mazbout" when you took pride in your threatening tactics to get her to remove that post. 

Also, please stop saying "mish mazbout" for taking out an ice cube and shoving it down a woman's pants. What you're doing is "mish mazbout" and how the country hasn't locked you up needs an all-caps MISH MAZBOUT. What's also "mish mazbout" is when the host of the show normalized such behavior after seeing the footage. "This happens at any night club between a man and a woman." Well, Mr. Maalouf, does the fact that it happens frequently make it OK? 

It is such attitudes that give men a sense of entitlement and power to aggressively approach women in public spaces. 

Dear Marwan Habib, 

I just wanted to tell you that you're anything but a habib, an Arabic word meaning sweetheart. You're an animal, a pathological liar, a vile creature. In other words, you're a harasser. Stop acting like you're not, and stop pretending that you're the victim in all of this. 

Also, please remember that women are discouraged, shamed, and humiliated for speaking up against harassment and rape in Lebanon. You probably don't know this because you're a man. You also probably don't know this because you're the reason why women don't speak up. But not anymore. Your word means nothing at this point. Stop saying you need proof. Our word is proof enough and hopefully, the country will realize this in the near future. 

You have a number of victims under your name and it's time you pay for the crimes you've committed. 


Your sweet victims