A desperate brother turned to Twitter to save his sister who was held captive in Al Ain.

The young Indian woman, with dreams of becoming an airline flight attendant, was exploited by human traffickers. Arriving in the United Arab Emirates, she ended up working as a babysitter and then her agents tried to force her to work as a maid.

When she refused, she was locked in a room in Al Ain along with 10 other women. She was beaten and her SIM card was taken, but she fortunately had an extra, which she used to reach her family back in India.

Her brother, who lives in Qatar, tweeted a plea for help from India's external affairs minister.

Early the next day the minister replied.

Quickly, the woman's brother got a call from the ambassador to the UAE who promised to help with the crisis.

Later the same the same day, the minister let the man know his sister had been rescued.

When speaking to Gulf News about the ordeal, Tamboli said the traffickers suspected trouble and tried to move the girls. His sister managed to outsmart them however.

"My sister told me she picked up a fistfight with the men and managed to run away. She hid behind [a] bush on the roadside and remained there until she was rescued by the Al Ain Police," Tamboli said.

It remains unclear whether the other girls were also rescued. The police continue to investigate.

Tamboli expressed his gratitude for the speedy rescue.

"My sister is safe now and soon after finishing some formalities, she will be sent home... I am thankful to UAE and Indian authorities for all the help."