On Monday, health authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested a man who was caught selling illegal abortion pills, Al Riyadh newspaper reported

According to local news sources, the defendant was using social media to promote the unauthorized medicine. 

Given that the sale of illegal pills is strictly prohibited in the kingdom, the man will now face prison. 

His case has been referred to the country's public prosecution. He is set to face trial in the coming weeks.

News of the case sparked a debate on abortion among Saudis

After the man's arrest went viral on Twitter, a heated debate centered around abortion began. 

Many, who are completely against it, hailed authorities for the arrest and  condemned the man for selling medicine deemed illegal in the kingdom.

Others voiced their support for abortion and called for its legalization in the kingdom.

Here's what some people had to say:

Some thanked authorities for taking legal action against the man

"I thank the public prosecution." 

"There are so many of these sellers on Instagram"

Many attacked those who sell abortion pills

"Abortion is a crime against humanity and anyone involved in it is a heartless criminal." 

Not everyone was against it ...

"These pills shouldn't be banned, some women get pregnant by mistake even if they're on birth control. I hope our country legalizes the sale of this medicine." 

"You don't care if a person is born to suffer, you just want them to be born"

"An inhumane society." 

"This is a mother's decision and only hers"

"If she can't handle the responsibility of a child, no one has the right to force her to give birth to them." 

Abortion in Saudi Arabia

Source: Abd3e

The procedure is only considered legal under a very tight set of conditions set by medical and religious officials in the kingdom.

In Saudi Arabia, "abortion is allowed only within the first 40 days of a pregnancy, and only in cases where a woman's health is at risk."

Abortion after the first 40 days of pregnancy is only permissible when a licensed medical professional deems it necessary. 

According to Dr. Sherifa Al Ghamdi, a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, no medic in the kingdom can perform an abortion before its case is evaluated by a religious committee. 

The doctor also explained that most permissible abortions in the kingdom are often related to cases where a medical issue arises during pregnancy.