Mahmoud Bitar, a Syrian refugee living in Sweden, says that throughout Syria everyone talks about Sweden and the amazing opportunities it offers.

As a Syrian who actually made it to Sweden, Bitar wanted to dispel some of the myths and he turned to social media and comedy to do so.

"They give you a big house, a nice car and a job and lots of money... that's what Syrians back home think Sweden offers asylum seekers," Mahmoud Bitar said, according to BBC Trending.

In reality, it's not exactly that easy and Bitar wanted to explain this through his social media channels. Bitar has risen to social media fame after he made a long and tedious journey to Sweden.

"I left Syria to Turkey, then to Egypt then returned to Turkey then to Greece where I stayed for a year and tried 21 times until I got to Sweden," Bitar said.

Throughout his long journey he continued to post video updates, keeping it light with humor despite the difficulties. Now, with more than 59,000 followers on Instagram and over 260,000 followers on Facebook, Bitar has settled into his new Swedish life.

Although Bitar admits that life in Sweden is quite good, explaining the people are friendly to foreigners, he hopes he won't stay there forever.

"My dream is for Syria to return to what it used to be. I will be one of the first people to return because there is no place like Syria," he said.