The beauty of Arab names is their literal meanings. Tell me what you want to name your kid, and I'll tell you what kind of person you are. 

Want your kid to be generous? Call him Karim. Are you--let's face it--slightly superficial? Name your daughter Jamila. Have a revolutionary bent? Nidal is your girl! 

Beyoncé, we're looking at you, girl! Not only can we find you meaningful Arab names for your twins, we'll find ones that go perfectly together. 

Arabic pair names ... for the win! 

1. Jamil w Jameeli

If she finds out she's carrying fraternal twins of different sexes, Jamil w Jamila are a good bet - especially if she wants them to be a "bundle of beauty."

2. Fareed w Fareedi

If she's overprotective at heart, maybe she should consider naming her kids "Fareed and Fareeedi" ... so that they'll stay single forever. Fareed is Arabic for "unique" and Fareedi is the female variation. 

3. Samir w Samira

Samir and Samira ... will only bring Beyoncé "cheer and joy" into her life. 

4. Nabil w Nabila

Her kids will be as "noble" as a human can be. 

5. Bassem w Bassima

The names translate to, "The ones who smile". Isn't that gorgeous?

6. Majdi w Wajdi

"Glorious" twins. Need we say more? 

7. Raya w Sakina

Raya and Sakina were Egypt's most infamous serial killers during the 20th century. Their names denote fierceness and loyalty. 

They're often used to describe people who refuse to give up on one another. 

8. Farha w Marha

If Beyoncé finds out that she's having twin girls, then she's gonna want them to be great friends. 

Farha and Marha do everything together - till death do them part!

9. Zeina w Nahoul

Names with a buzzing twist for the Queen Bey sound perfect! 

Zeina w Nahoul have a pretty nostalgic feel to them. Inspired by a cartoon, Zeina, the bee, and Nahoul, her bee-friend (totally intentional), are adventurous, daring, yet extremely loving and caring of one another.