Nike's new collection of "modest swimwear" is kind of old news as burkinis have been around for quite some time. But it's Nike and pretty much anything the brand creates gets attention. Just as the Pro Hijab caused some hype, this newly launched swimsuit collection is doing just the same.

The "Victory Swim Collection" includes a full-coverage swimsuit and other complementary items such as a tunic top, leggings and a hijab. The collection caters to hijab-wearing women but is not limited to them. 

One scroll on Twitter and you'll quickly notice all the non-Muslims interested in the modest swimsuit collection ... for reasons that have nothing to do with actual modesty in most cases. But the collection piqued the interest of many non-Muslims quite unexpectedly. After all, modest swimwear is not only safe and hygienic but has been suggested to even be safer than bikinis.

Here are some of the reasons non-Muslims are interested in the collection:

"I worry about sun exposure"

"Could replace sunscreen"

"Much better to just cover our bodies and not burn or harm the environment"

"I'm not Muslim ... but I prefer to cover up"

"I would wear this just for the sun protection"

Here is one reason why some people are not really feeling it:

According to Fast Company, one premium version of the Victory Suit will cost between $600 and $650. But there is another version which includes the tunic top, hijab, and pants as separate items and which will cost around $170 in total.