A daily income of $2.80 didn't stop refugees in Italy from giving back.

The group of impoverished refugees and asylum seekers living in a shelter banded together to donate to the victims of a devastating earthquake that rocked Italy, claiming 247 lives so far. The refugees joined in on rescue efforts.

“They wanted to make a small and symbolic gesture of solidarity with the victims of the terrible earthquake," said the manager of the project hosting the refugees. "Pictures and video of the earthquake made them think of the wars and disasters they fled from," he told Reuters .

The Independent reports that the 75 asylum seekers raised $226. According to Buzzfeed, the sum is equivalent to “each of them giving up one day’s worth of the 17.50 euro allowance they receive each week.”

One of the refugees said helping out empowered him: "This work is much more beautiful than a paid job".

From the Syrian refugee who launched a soup kitchen in Germany, to those who donated to the wildfire victims in Canada, refugees have long contributed to the communities that welcomed them.

"We hope that the kind of initiatives help fight stereotypes and misconceptions about refugees and migrants," said the director of an Italian organization that helps refugees.