For many, traveling falls under the "must-do" category in life. In case you're an adventurous tourist visiting Lebanon or a Lebanese who cannot travel at this moment, this article is for you... 

Believe it or not but living in Beirut on under $17 a day is actually possible. Have no doubts, just take a look at this guide:

1. Accommodation

Source: Cozy Beirut

Finding cheap hotels in Beirut isn't exactly the easiest task; so for our budget, we'll be looking at Airbnb apartments, rooms, or beds to rent.

Make sure you filter the price range to the lowest price possible, which is $10-$12 per night. Many options offer two beds in one room, which makes it even cheaper if you share it with a friend.

2. Transportation

Source: Karrenn

The Lebanese mobile application YallaBus helps you figure out what bus to take and where to take it from... all for less than $1.

And for a tech-free alternative to take you short distances, you can haul a shared cab from the street for $1.3. 

3. Food

Source: Trip Advisor

When it comes to food, Beirut has endless options awaiting around each and every corner.

Breakfast options: $1 budget

Lunch and dinner options: $3 budget

  • A falafel sandwich and a small yogurt drink from Karim Sahyoun - $3 
  • A chicken/beef shawarma from Barbar - $3
  • A medium pizza with sujuk from Ghalayini - $3

4. Activities

Source: Koura

Beirut houses plenty of free activities to please different characters; some that serve as food to your soul, others to your brain. 

Here are a few:

5. Nightlife

Source: Daily Star

Nothing beats a long day of work or touring Beirut like a cold brew in one of the capital's many nightlife streets. 

Some nightclubs allow you in with no minimum charge and you can also visit Mar Mikhael or Badaro for a chill night and buy yourself a beer for $1.5 from any nearby grocery store. 

In Badaro, you may pass by Upstairs for a draft beer for less than $3, or go to Strada 51 in Mar Mikhael for a $2.5 beer.