Lindsay Lohan is a pretty mysterious person with arbitrary decisions that make it even harder to understand her goals in life. She once said she was studying the Quran, prompting speculations that she may have converted to Islam. She has shown interest in the Arabic language on more than one occasion and has even uttered the word "khalas" (stop it) whilst on a rant. 

Knowing her history, it's not so surprising that rumors of her being romantically involved with an Arab man would surface. But when that Arab man is Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, it's only natural to see extensive refutals of those claims. Speculations that the two were romantically involved have been ongoing for a few months, despite the fact that Lohan denied those claims in August. Now, her father - who said Lohan described MBS as a "good person" - has interfered to dismiss those rumors, yet again. 

A "platonic and respectful relationship," he says

Michael Lohan, her father, recently told Page Six that his daughter's relationship with MBS is "platonic and respectful." 

The latter was reported to have showered the Mean Girls actor with gifts, including a credit card. However, a representative for Lohan denied the latter claim when speaking to Page Six months ago. It was also rumored that the crown prince flew Lohan around on private jets since they met around a year ago at a Formula One Grand Prix race. The authenticity of the exchange of gifts and travel tickets remains unconfirmed. 

Though Lindsay's father did confirm that the two knew each other, he denied all claims of a romantic relationship. 

"They are just friends, Lindsay has a lot of powerful friends in the Middle East, because she is huge out there," her father said this week.

"Lindsay met MBS because of the work she has been doing in the Middle East. She is working to help people in the region, particularly refugees."

It's true that she's been spending loads of time in the region. In 2017, she visited Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Syrian refugees. She personally chose to wear the headscarf out of "respect" for the culture while she was there. She once spent a crazy amount of time in Dubai so much so that people thought she had permanently moved to the Gulf city. She once even said she plans to design an island in Dubai. 

But nothing ever ended up in a rumor like this one. Such scandals are only expected when a Mean Girl is involved.