Love him or hate him, everyone in the world seems to have particularly strong feelings about Justin Bieber.

It was easy to hate that annoying and bratty rich AF teenager whose music wasn't that great. That all changed after he grew up and started churning out some truly epic tracks. 

Sorry haters, he just needed one more shot ... second chances.

While his music may be more accepted by the masses, his personality and general persona still get a lot of hate. But let's be honest, like really, really honest. When you add up the facts, Bieber is actually the absolute definition of what cliche Lebanese men strive to be.

Could J-Biebs actually be the ultimate Lebanese jagal?!

He loves his snazzy sports cars

Because what's a Lebanese jagal without his fancy sports car?

And the Red Ferrari is definitely the definition of #JagalGoals ... especially when it comes with a dash of "drifting."

He's always with a beautiful woman

Sometimes he keeps them for awhile, sometimes its just a brief encounter. 

But he's always sure to be surrounded by beautiful women ... And he has obvious commitment issues.

Of course, he tries to hide all that by surrounding himself by women ... and posting pictures because it HAS to be publicly announced. 

Bieber ... welcome to the club.

And he's released some seriously passive aggressive tracks about his exes

But just because he has commitment issues, it doesn't mean he isn't possessive. This is a key jagal trait.

Exhibit A: Love Yourself lyrics ...

'Cause if you like the way you look that much

Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself

And if you think that I'm still holdin' on to somethin' 

You should go and love yourself

His style is always on point

The sports car is an important accessory, but clothing and hair are also important.

Just like the Bieber, your ultimate Lebanese jagal spends countless hours in front of the mirror ... as he puts 10kgs of gel on his hair. Bieber could easily be a jagal's BFF. 

He loves to show off his skills

And tbh, he's good at almost everything ... From basketball to skateboarding and water sports ... or at least, he pretends to be.

Sound like any Lebanese guy you know?

He likes the gym a lot

Every Lebanese jagal has taken this photo at least once and posted it on Instagram.

Bieber can easily be welcomed to the "abu 3adal" family.

He's never afraid to throw a punch

In typical jagal style, how many times has Bieber made headlines for punching a paparazzi or getting into a fight with another celebrity

What's a jagal if he's not a mashkalji?!

But when he makes a mistake ... it's never his fault

And there's always an excuse ... "3anjad ana ma khasni, wahyet allah ma khasni!" 

He loves to share photos from his exotic travels

But he doesn't worry about the visa hassle with his Canadian passport. And he's not afraid to brag about it.

He wears his religion with pride

It's tattooed over his heart.

Wearing your religion around your neck or tattooed on your arm, chest, leg or any other part of the body is a point of pride among Lebanon's jagal community.

He always makes time for his family

Don't even think of saying anything about his mom, sister or father. Because family comes first for jagals, and Bieber is no exception.

Awww ...