A superstition, by definition, constitutes an irrational belief. But many Arab moms are all about championing the supernatural to their own benefit, i.e, to get us NOT to do something potentially dangerous.  

According to Arab mothers everywhere, the following actions mustn't be attempted at any time, no matter what. 

You've been warned...

1. Don't play with scissors

For some reason, they believe this is the source of all evil and will bring you bad luck. 

They don't care if you have to use your teeth to finish your school art project... especially if you're the clumsy type. 

Better safe than sorry, aye? 

2. Footwear face downwards

Footwear facing upwards are bad and disrespectful, but if they're downwards, that's okay.

Your mama don't need you tripping over additional obstacles. 

3. Don't throw your hair on the floor

Apparently, you can upset your own hair and it won't grow back.

Even if you have a lot of it. Plus, who's gonna vacuum all that hair out of the carpet? 

4. Don't stare into a mirror for too long

Once again, we delve into the world of the unseen. 

Arab moms always instruct girls not to stare into mirrors for too long or jinns will fall in love with them. 

We're still struggling with making interracial marriages acceptable... let alone marriage candidates from different worlds.

5. Don't leave your handbags on the floor

Leaving your handbag on the floor for too long can bring you bad luck or make you poor. Plus, it's easier to steal. 

And no, climbing up the highest closet to store your bag won't make you rich either... 

6. Don't sing in the shower

You don't want to upset the Jinns.

This is starting to get confusing... are we friends with the otherworldly creatures, are we not? 

7. Don't wear clothes inside-out

God forbid you accidentally put on a shirt or a sock inside-out. That's like dipping your legs in a bad omen well.