Nothing ruins a trip like losing your wallet in a foreign country, and one Iraqi tourist visiting Lebanon learned that the hard way. 

Lucky for him, however, he eventually managed to retrieve his wallet a month later, thanks to the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF).

In a video posted on the ISF's Facebook page, the man's son is seen discussing the incident and thanking the security forces for helping locate the wallet. 

The video has been widely circulated on social media since it was posted last night, drawing both praise and mockery. 

The video captures the Iraqi man, who identifies himself as 'Ali', standing between two members of the Lebanese ISF.

Ali explains that during one of their frequent trips to Lebanon, his father lost his wallet at the airport and directly informed the security forces. 

The latter successfully located the wallet within one month and returned it to its owner.

"I would like to than the ISF [...] for their exceptional efforts in finding the wallet," said Ali, after which an officer is seen handing him the wallet and shaking his hand.

The video has drawn mixed reactions online, with a great deal of the comments mocking the ISF for creating a video glorifying what would otherwise be considered a routine task. 

Others, however, were quick to defend the ISF and express gratitude for their continuous efforts. 

"God give you strength"

"It would be nobler to stop the mockery and say 'good job' instead. The ISF is completing large-scale operations, but not everything is made public. Ignorant people."

"Security forces' work is making us proud... God give you strength, you're guarding the country."

Meanwhile, some people did not see the point in creating the video

"Was it necessary to create a video and pose for praise?" 

"Just give him the wallet and get it over with. It's not that big of an achievement".

"Wow you're [simply] doing your job."

Others just found it funny and took up the opportunity to crack jokes

"We lost our country to about 120 thieves, is there a way you can return it?"

"I can finally go to sleep"

"Our dignity has been stolen for 35 years. Please let us know if you find the thief. God give you strength for this great achievement, I can finally go to sleep."

This guy has a theory on why they gave it back

"He was probably broke, that's why they gave it back." 

The real question remains: "Meen sa el 3amood?"

"Wow! Such bravery ... But who stole the pole?" 

Bonus: The StepFeed video team has its own hilarious take on the incident

Jokes aside, here's what the ISF has been up to

The ISF has been quite active on social media, with campaigns that tackle several issues like road safety and celebratory gunfire making the rounds online. 

In the lead-up to the official exam results in June, the security forces launched a campaign warning against celebratory shooting and asking people to report cases of violation, vowing to arrest all perpetrators. 

In the aftermath of the results, the ISF released a list of the names of people suspected in partaking in celebratory shooting and announced they would be prosecuted. The perpetrators, however, were allegedly released soon after.

This, alongside several achievements on the ground, such as foiling a suicide bombing attack in Beirut’s Hamra street earlier this year in collaboration with the Lebanese army, has put the ISF back on the map.