Driving down the road from the South of Lebanon to Beirut (and vice versa) always brings up the same question: Ouzaii or airport road?

It seems as though that debate may come to an end because, well ... Ouzaii is turning into a pot of bright colors and it's something everyone must see! 

The initiative was started by Ayyad Nasser, who brought together a number of street artists to color Ouzaii's seaside view. He hopes the project "will remind Lebanese that there is a lot more that unites than divides them," explains Lebanese blogger Gino Raidy.

People are now referring to the area as "Ouzville" ... and it's pretty gorgeous! Here's a walk through the vibrant neighborhood:

"It will be built back up again"

Cartoon figures catching fish like it's easy

A glimpse of the beautiful drawings in the narrow aisles

Bright blues for all moods

A pot of colors, indeed

Hopefully, the whole area will soon be shining!

Welcome to #Ouzville everyone