Fans around the world watched in horror earlier this week as Jon Snow was stabbed repeatedly by his own men in the final scenes of Game of Thrones' season finale.

As he appeared to bleed out in the snow as the finale ended, a Lebanese fan realized that Snow's memory must never be forgotten. So, the fan did exactly what should be done when a true Lebanese martyr parishes. Commemorate him in La Place des Martyrs (Martyrs' Square) in downtown Beirut.

Twitter user Mahmoud Ramsey posted photos of the rather unusual addition to the monument located in Beirut's downtown district. Martyrs' Square is a historic location marked by a sculpture to commemorate Lebanese nationalists who were hung by the Ottomans during World War I.

Fittingly, Snow has now joined the ranks of all the great Lebanese martyrs who have gone before him. What was that? Snow isn't Lebanese you say?

Save it for the fans, hater!

Anyway, we're still not 100 percent sure Snow is dead. They didn't actually show him taking his last breath so we're still holding out hope.