Leo Burnett Beirut has outdone itself once again taking home two awards for its child marriage stunt video produced for Lebanese NGO KAFA (Enough) Violence & Exploitation.  

Back in 2015, KAFA released a video to raise awareness on the lack of unified civil personal status laws governing personal matters for women in Lebanon.

After being posted on KAFA's Facebook page, the video captured the attention of many, garnering more than 100 million views. The two Facebook awards, Facebook for Good  and Best Use of Facebook Platforms, recognize the organization's commitment to the platform in this specific campaign.

"Facebook allowed users to share the video directly from KAFA’s page and react on it, tagging their friends and commenting with their opinion. With the controversial nature of the content the conversation on Facebook helped promote the awareness we were seeking," the organization says on the Facebook Award page .

In Lebanon, more than 13 percent of girls get married before they're 18. Civil laws do not govern marriage, meaning a couple can only wed under religious laws, which allows for child marriage.

KAFA's aim was to pressure the religious establishments by "rallying public support against child marriage."

Leo Burnett Beirut also won an award for its Saudi Women's Online March.

This is definitely not the first time KAFA and Leo Burnett Beirut rocked the Facebook Awards. In 2015, Leo Burnett Beirut snagged three awards, two for its KAFA campaign in support of an anti-domestic violence law and one for its Johnnie Walker campaign titled “Keep the Flame Alive.”