Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji will hold a concert organized by Saudi Arabia's Entertainment Authority in Riyadh. 

The performance is set to take place on Dec. 6 and comes at a time when Saudi's entertainment industry is making significant strides.

Just last week, the kingdom's entertainment authority revealed plans to hold several musical events in the country. 

These include a female-only concert by Yemeni-Emirati singer Balqees Fathi on the 29th of November.

Other concerts planned for Jeddah and Riyadh include performances by international pianist Yanni and Iraqi singer Kazem Al Saher. 

Mixed reactions on social media

Soon after news of the Lebanese singer's upcoming concert started to make the rounds online, people shared their thoughts on it. 

While some are quite upset over the news, many others are super excited and can't wait to see Tawaji take the stage. 

"Good morning Hiba Tawaji style"

Some are overjoyed

"For the first time I wish I live in Ryadh to attend her concert"

"We love you, Entertainment Authority"

"She's amazing"

Others aren't too excited though...

"Dear Entertainment Authority, before you think of holding concerts, maybe think of launching health clubs or public libraries for children with special needs." 

"So there's nothing other than musical concerts to entertain people with?"

"Families should boycott these events"

"It's simple, families should boycott such events. But, the problem is a lot of people want to attend them. Just as there are those who are against this, there are also others who aren't."