One of Lebanon's largest animal welfare organizations, BETA, has turned to crowdfunding to literally keep a roof over its head - or at least over the heads of the hundreds of dogs and cats that it is sheltering.

BETA, which stands for Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is currently taking care of approximately 600 animals while it finds them new, permanent homes. As a no-kill shelter, the NGO has found homes for more than 2,500 cats and dogs, according to its website .

Many sections of roof are missing at BETA's Monteverdi facility. Source: BETA.
Many sections of roof are missing at BETA's Monteverdi facility. Source: BETA.

The Zoomaal campaign  aims to raise $35,000 to restore and expand the roof over its facility near Monteverdi.

"Lebanon is currently facing a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions, and we are all deeply concerned with helping the refugees from the conflict in neighbouring Syria," the NGO said in its appeal.

"Amidst this deep concern for our fellow humans, support for Lebanon’s stray and abused animals has suffered a steep decline, and at BETA we are facing increasing difficulty in funding our efforts to feed and care for them and keep down the number of strays on the streets."

The project has been split into five parts, covering different sections of the shelter. The campaign has nearly hit the first milestone, $5,000, which will allow the NGO to complete the first section of roofing.

"There is no government funding for animal charities in Lebanon and we rely on the generosity of donors to help us care for all the disadvantaged, abused and unwanted animals in our care," BETA said.

"The new roof will mean we can keep the dogs dry and warm throughout the winter. Every little bit will help; one metre of plain roofing costs just $6, so however small your donation, it will still make a difference!"

The crowdfunding campaign runs through Jan. 5, 2016.