In a major disappointment, the Lebanese men's national basketball team failed to qualify to the semifinals of the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup after losing to Iran on Wednesday night. 

Iran beat Lebanon, which played with home-court advantage on the Nouhad Nawfal Stadium in Kasrouane, in the quarterfinals with a 70-80 final score.

Lebanon took on Iran, one of the tournament's major candidates, after making it to the quarterfinals with only one loss versus New Zealand.

With the help of its 2.18-meter center, Hamed Haddadi, who tallied 23 points and a whopping 20 rebounds, Iran remained in the lead throughout the game and dashed Lebanon's hopes of raising the Asian Cup at home.

This came months after the Lebanese team overcame Iran in January, taking home the West Asian Championship cup. 

Now, the Arab world's chances in the tournament are pinned on Jordan, which is set to face New Zealand in a quarterfinal match on Thursday night. 

Lebanese fans are beyond disappointed

People had a lot to say about the team's performance

"No strategies, no scorers, nothing! No hope in anything."

Why weren't Lebanon's star players on the team?


"The coach represents the spirit of the team, which is supposed to be Lebanese. No to the foreign coach who doesn't know every player's potential. #The_Dream_Is_Gone"

Where's the fighting spirit?

Of course, the staple self-deprecating Lebanese humor made an appearance

"The Iranian nuclear power beat the Lebanese tabboule. #I_am_Lebanese_Rooting_For_Lebanon."

But national pride still prevailed

"Proudly Lebanese regardless of the result. #I_am_Lebanese_Rooting_For_Lebanon."

Lebanon was a "world class level" host