December. The month that marks the end of the year, the month that brings about a feel-good spirit inside us all because well ... Christmas. 

The Arab world falls nothing short when it comes to spreading the Christmas spirit with amazing over-the-top decorations. The Huffington Post's latest article "The Most Breathtaking, Inspiring Christmas Trees Of 2016" is proof of that. 

Lebanon's Byblos (No. 20) and Zgharta (No. 13) alongside Palestine's Bethlehem (No. 15) and Ramallah (No. 5) have made it to the list. 

These Arab cities have been recognized along with international cities, including London, Tokyo and Prague. Here's a closer look at them. 

A light-me-up Christmas spirit in the center of Lebanon's Byblos

A decorative centerpiece in Ramallah, Palestine

An all-white Christmas spirit in Lebanon's Zgharta

And a joyous Bethlehem ... all day, all night