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Party people, listen up. There's a new hot-spot in Lebanon's bustling nightlife. With a glow-in-the-dark-themed interior, "Glow Pub" offers karaoke nights, disco-themed parties ... you name it. All for 30,000 Lebanese pounds, or $20.

But, there's a catch: it's exclusively for kids aged 12 to 18 years old. (Don't worry, there's no smoking or drinking involved.) 

"Glow" opened its doors last Thursday in Beirut's Furn el-Chebbak, becoming Lebanon's very first nightclub for teenagers. According to its Facebook page, the club "is a new concept for clubbing" that offers a "hot new upscale teen party".

Al-Modon reports that the woman behind "Glow", Aline Makhoul, came up with the idea after hearing many parents express their concerns regarding their kids going out with friends. 

Seeing a gap in the market, Makhoul decided to create space that addresses parents' concerns and teens' need for a sense of independence. 

"Glow" offers teens the ultimate clubbing experience, from vibrant music and live band performances, to colorful light effects and a variety of mocktails. Its interior design looks like that of any regular nightclub. To top it all off, there's a strict rule against parents and adults entering the club. 

How does "Glow" offer parents peace of mind? Employees pick up teens from their cars and make sure they enter the club. Smoking and drinking are strictly forbidden, and there are some thirty surveillance cameras to monitor guests at all times.

"Glow" opens on weekends and during school breaks from 4 pm to 12 am.

Makhoul said that she hopes "Glow" will prepare teens for the adult clubbing experience, helping them become responsible party-goers. She added that the club is safer than malls and other hangout spots where kids can smoke and drink freely. 

Naturally, the club's launch drew conflicting responses:

Many said that kids should instead be encouraged to do more productive activities

"Better to open a gym for kids rather than a nightclub that encourages immorality."  

Some think that it's a good idea

"Bravo, we hope it picks up steam, great idea!" 

While others just have mixed feelings

The club is definitely not the first of its kind the world, nor the Arab world. Cities like New York, Paris and London offer teens a taste of the nightlife culture with exclusive clubs. 

Similarly, Dubai has teen clubs such as Grand Midwest Hotel's "Club West", which only serves mocktails and is fully supervised. “We want to give them [teens] the feeling of being an adult,” the hotel's general manager told Gulf News.