On Sunday, hundreds of scouts in Lebanon's Aintoura gathered to work on breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest man'oushe in the world. 

Speaking to local television stations, organizers of the event explained that the goal was to break a previous record also held by Lebanon. 

"In previous years, the record was broken with a man'oushe that stood at around 30 meters long, we're trying to break that number with one that's 600 meters long," an organizer told MTV Lebanon News.

The previous record was broken in 2015 by the Amjad School in Choueifat. 

So, it's not a first for Lebanon

Lebanese broke the record for the longest man'ouche before

In 2015, Lebanon entered the Guinness Book of World Records after baking the longest man'oushe in the world. 

The record was broken at an event organized by the Amjad school in Choueifat. 

The man'oushe measured 32 meters long. 

Lebanon also broke the record for the largest plate of hummos ...

This record was broken with a plate of hummos weighing  10.452 kg.

It was made by Lebanese Chef Ramzi Choueiri and the students of Al-Kafaat University in May of 2010. 

The largest bowl of tabbouleh...

At the same event held, Lebanon also broke the record for the largest tabbouleh plate, with one weighing a whopping  3557 kilograms.

And recently, the longest iftar table!

Lebanon broke yet another food related Guinness record this month, after organizing the longest iftar table in the world, stretching 2,184 meters long.

The iftar was organized by the Ajialouna organization - a non-profit organization targeting cultural, social, healthcare, and educational issues.

"It was held under the theme 'Ramadan in the heart,' gathering over 5,000 people from all over the country at Beirut's Waterfront." 

The biggest seafood display

"In 2016, the northern Lebanese city of Batroun broke the Guinness World Record for 'biggest seafood display,' after showcasing 2,613.8 kilograms of seafood in a market on the city's port."  

But not all Lebanon's records are food related...

Late in January 2017, Dalia Freyfer, a Lebanese media personality, "set a new Guinness World Record by presenting the longest live broadcast on Télé Liban – Lebanon’s national broadcaster." 

"Freyfer, who is visually impaired, broke the record in the presence of a Guinness World Record representative after remaining on air for 24 hours and interviewing 91 guests."