Batroun is known for its beautiful coastal village packed with picturesque beaches, a vibrant nightlife...and of course its delicious seafood.

The northern Lebanese city has just broken the Guinness World Record for "biggest seafood display," after showcasing 2,613.8 kilograms of seafood in a market on the city's port.

The record was previously held by Schmidt Zeevis and Wichter Stellar on the deck of the SS Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2011, where the duo displayed 2,271 kg of seafood.

Photo source: Guinness World Records

"The record attempt was very well organized given the amount they had to put on display," said Ahmad Gabr, Guinness World Records Adjudicator.

Photo source: Guinness World Records

"After the attempt, the food items were divided and distributed(sold)and what was left was donated to Batroun Fishermen's Co-op Association," Gabr added.

Photo source: Guinness World Records
Photo source: Guinness World Records

This is the second time the city of Batroun breaks a world record.

In 2012, Batroun made the largest cup of lemonade, which was beaten out by Calypso Lemonades in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015.

And this is one of many food-related records held by Lebanon.

In 2010, Chef Ramzi Choueiri and the students of Al-Kafaat University made the largest serving of hummus...which amounted to 10,452 kg of the paste.

In 2011, Lebanon broke the record for the "longest sandwich" which measures 735 meters with a width of 12.5 cm. The sandwich weighed approximately 577 kilograms.

Lest we forget, Lebanon is the proud owner of a No. 1 International Food Destination ranking, announced last month.