"Shoo ya 7elo, fi minnik 3a jello?" 

"Shoo, sar el be2lewa ila ijrein?" 

"Shoo ya ashta?" 

That's just a sample of the dessert-inspired catcalls, aka latshat, popular in modern-day Lebanon. But the #NotYourAshta campaign is telling people that there's nothing sweet about it. In fact, it's just plain old harassment. 

Knowledge is Power's (KIP) #NotYourAshta is a social media campaign that runs from Nov. 14 and ends on Nov. 25 - the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It coincides with 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence, an international event spearheaded by UN Women. 

"#NotYourAshta aims to provide a platform for individuals to share empowering messages and vocalize their resistance against different manifestations of street and sexual harassment."

Here are some of the results: 

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Adventures of Salwa

This is not the first time street harassment has been the talk of social media. 

A group of young feminsts created an anti-harassment campaign with their very own mascot, Salwa. In her adventures, Salwa defeats misogynistic men using her superpower: her handbag.