On Twitter, #منع_احلام_من_دخول_لبنان, or "ban Ahlam from entering Lebanon" has been trending, after some offensive tweets by the Emirati celebrity. The whole thing started on March 24, when the singer tweeted offensive comments about the country following a segment on Adel Karam 's show about her cancelled show "The Queen."

"This video is against those who offended the queen's crown from the beggars of Lebanese media, this is the reply of a poet from my country."

In the video she tweeted, Ahlam seems to be pointing out that Lebanese people should only be making falafel for some reason ...

She shortly later tweeted the same video again, but with a different caption.

"I say to the beggars that instead of coming for the queen they should go pick up the trash that has covered their streets as a kind of patriotism." 

People began criticising Ahlam for her comments, and along came this tweet that started the now worldwide trending hashtag.

"If the Association of Artists has any self respect it would ban Ahlam from entering Beirut."

Many seemed to agree with this tweet.

"Ahlam wants us to take out the trash, but she shouldn't come here because she'd be the first thing to be taken out."

"Banning Ahlam is now a popular Lebanese demand for every Lebanese person with dignity and pride... Lebanon is the crown on your head."

"Selling falafel isn't wrong, what's wrong is kissing up to get jewels and airplanes and an imaginary throne."

Ironically, at the end of February, the United Arab Emirates announced that its citizens would be banned from traveling to Lebanon as several other Gulf countries took similar measures. So, technically, Ahlam is already unable to visit Lebanon.

Nidal Al Ahmadieh backed up the topic and called for it to trend worldwide.

"The trend has reached the fourth spot, let's make it the number one trending topic and see what those in charge will do."

"International media has started to ask its leaders to ban Ahlam from entering their lands because she violated human rights."

"Thanks to all of you we have reached the number one trending topic and what's coming is coming in the name of the Lebanese people who don't accept failure."

Even Nawal Berry joined the conversation.

"How do you know that your country is trash? When someone like Ahlam criticises it.. look what this government has done to us."

However, some did support Ahlam and what she said.

"You should clean your country before banning anyone."

"Try to get a president then ban Ahlam, this is the first time I see a country based on political parties and it kills its people and doesn't have anyone to clean its streets."

And she defended herself as well.

"Where is the association of artists when the trash of Lebanon offends the daughter of the Emirates, or are some people better than others?"

And of course, some took it as an opportunity to shed light on what really matters in the country ...

"It's strange that a hashtag about banning Ahlam from entering Lebanon took more fame and attention than stopping the extensions of the government"