At times, living in Lebanon can cause some *slight* mental breakdowns and the Lebanese know that all too well. 

The daily struggles faced by people who live in the country are endless and to prove just that tweeps launched the now trending Twitter hashtag: 'What are the problems of Lebanese?'

A few answers people shared are just right on point. 

1. This vicious cycle

2. The internet connection

"Internet connection in Afghanistan is a million times better than ours." 

3. This dilemma

"We pay a fortune to get a college degree, only to end up hanging it up on the living room wall."

4. Traffic... need we say more?

"Traffic, all day, every single day."

5. And of course all sorts of traffic violations

"They wear their seat belt but also think it's ok to sit their infant on their lap while driving."

6. Wasta (Nepotism/Favoritism)

7. The real problem is we can't even fit all our problems in a tweet

"You think they can all be put in 140 characters?!"

8. Basically, to sum it all up...

"Lack of Electricity and water, waste disposal crisis, unemployment, corruption, poverty, taxes, lack of proper medical, insurance and retirement services, pollution, escalating crime rates, politics, sectarianism. To sum it all up... life."