We've all seen the old Lebanon photos. The ones that make us ache with nostalgia for the country as it would have been had it not been for the civil war (1975-1990).

But since a lot of Lebanon's prolific tweeps aren't really into nostalgia, they opted for sarcasm, adding their own twist and imagination to reimagine a Lebanon sans-guerre.

Here's how far they took it. 

This is what thinking outside the box really looks like.

1. A glimpse of the White Baabda House

Original Photo: The White House, Washington DC

2. A city filled with Baalbek ruins ...

Original Photo: Ancient Roman Forum, Italy

3. Check out Hamra Square

Original Photo: Times Square, New York 

4. The Colosseum ... aka Tyre Amphitheater

Original Photo: The Colosseum, Italy 

5. A stroll through Château de Tabet

Original Photo: Château de Versailles, France

6. Rabbit Islands

Original Photo: Senkaku Islands, East China Sea

7. Lebanon's highest peak before the war

Original Photo: Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

8. Think about your life at ... The Raouché Apostles

Original Photo: The Twelve Apostles, Australia 

9. Remembering Raouché got quite competitive actually

Original Photo: Horseshoe Bend, Arizona  

10. The longest river in Beirut ...

Original Photo: Amazon River, South America 

11. Mount Shasta = Mount Sannine

Original Photo: Mount Shasta, California 

12. After all, they used to call our capital ... the Paris of the Middle East?

Original Photo: Paris, France 

13. Paradise Koh Yao Liban

Original Photo: Paradise Koh Yao, Thailand 

14. Spend the day at Haret Hreik's Basilica

Original Photo: St Peter's Basilica, Italy