Lebanese restaurant 'Sandwich W Noss' just apologized over a sexist ad that sparked outrage on social media earlier this week. 

The ad, which positions two burgers side by side to resemble a pair of breasts, was posted on their official Facebook page, offering free burgers to men through the sexually suggestive image. 

What's worse? 

The post's caption, which read:

"Because our hearts ache at the beauty we see, and because we're sick of smelling and not touching, we decided to please all men in the country by offering them a free burger with their six-wheel sandwich orders."

Soon after the ad was posted, it went viral on social media and people were just not having it. 

First, Sandwich w Noss posted this sexist ad

It sparked anger online

People called them out for their offensive puns

No one was really having it

People called on the restaurant to take the ad down

"Enough of this disgusting misogyny and cheap objectification of women. Remove the ad."

Which they eventually did...

After the restaurant received hundreds of negative comments under the ad they shared on social media, they took it down. 

A few hours later, 'Sandwich w Noss' also issued an official apology in a Facebook post, saying they are now going to donate 300 sandwiches to charity, in a bid to redeem themselves.

"We apologize to everyone who was offended by the post. It's not important how many people liked it or how many sandwiches we sold. What's important is that we unintentionally offended people. We apologize to them and to everyone," the post read. 

"We've decided to donate 300 sandwiches to charity in order to make up for the 287 burgers we sold today," it added

Many hailed the restaurant for apologizing

Others went further, sharing things like this...

Just in case you're still confused as to why the ad is problematic...

"Sexism, misogyny and objectification of women is never appetizing, never smart, never OKAY"