According to a Qatari order signed by the country's Airport Passports Department on Thursday, Lebanese are now exempt from a tourist visa to Qatar, The Daily Star reported. 

The latest directive was signed by the Airport Passports Director Mohamed Rashed Mazroui.

And it basically means that Lebanese can now obtain a visa upon arrival to the Gulf country. 

For the families of thousands of Lebanese expats who live in Qatar, the step is set to make traveling to see their loved ones more convenient.  

We spoke to a few Lebanese living in Qatar; Here's what they told us about what the waiver means to them.

Many Lebanese living in Qatar welcomed the most recent development, saying that the waiver makes it easier for their friends and family to visit them. 

Speaking to Stepfeed, Rima, a Lebanese who has lived in Qatar for the past 6 years said: 

"I honestly think it's a great move. It makes it so much easier for our families and friends to visit us here given that at times we can't make it back home due to work commitments." 

The young mother of two, also added that the move makes it easier for people who aren't immediate family. 

"Before the recent waiver, it wasn't that hard to get a visit visa for an immediate family member (a parent or sibling), but it was extremely difficult to apply for a friend or someone who isn't closely related to you."  

The move is also of benefit to Lebanese entrepreneurs who do business in Qatar, including Ghassan, a Lebanese businessman who often travels to the Gulf country on work-related trips. 

"This makes things so much better for anyone who does business. It's just less of a hassle especially given the fact that I often find myself scrambling to apply for a visa when an unexpected meeting or client request comes up at work," he said. 

Inside Doha's international airport

For Lebanese who often travel to international destinations via Qatar's transit route, the news means they can now enter the country for a few hours instead of spending their transit time inside the airport. 

"I often travel to Australia via Qatar and spend at least 8-12 hours, sometimes even more, just waiting at the airport, even though I have family and friends who live in Doha," Jad, a Lebanese student told us. 

"Now that a tourist visa procedure is as simple as getting a stamp at the airport, it's so much more convenient for me to enter the country for a few hours, spend the time I have with friends or family and then catch my connecting flights."