On Monday, a video of the Lebanese Minister for the Affairs of the Displaced Mouin Merheby shockingly insulting NBN TV host Linda Meshleb on live television went viral on social media. Naturally, it sparked outrage among users.

Merheby's offensive and misogynist rant came after the TV presenter asked him about Lebanese PM Saad Al Hariri's sudden statement of resignation, which he made from Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

"Did you look at anything else that happened after Al Hariri's resignation statement? Especially given the fact that he hasn't been in touch with anyone since and is currently at Riyadh's Ritz Carlton hotel..." Meshleb asked

Before she finished asking her question, Merheby shockingly interrupted, saying: 

"Ritz Carlton is a place he might've invited you and someone else to."

When the presenter reacted with shock, trying to explain she was referring to rumors stating that Al Hariri was being held at the hotel with several other high-profile Saudi figures, Merheby went on to repeat his disrespectful statement, twice. 

He also added: "You seriously want to discuss such silliness on your show Ms. Linda? But anyways, if you like the Ritz, we can take you there, it's no problem at all."

The incident went viral on social media

Soon after the incident, Meshleb shared a video of it via her official Facebook account. 

In her caption, the TV presenter explained that after re-watching how the entire thing went down, she was left shocked.

"I was hesitant to respond to all this at first, because I thought I hadn't heard what he said right. But after watching a video of the incident, I just couldn't find anything that would excuse the offensive words he directed at me."

The video Meshleb shared has since gone viral on social media, sparking anger among users who deemed the ministers behavior "disgusting" and "unacceptable".

People were understandably outraged


Others shared messages of support for Meshleb

"I stand in solidarity with my colleague Linda Meshleb. No, you don't get to throw your misogyny and regression on us, every time you're cornered in politics."

"All our support, Linda"

"Who's going to hold him accountable?"

Merheby has since apologized...

Amid the intense online backlash, Merheby issued an official apology, which was posted on his Facebook page late on Monday. 

In it, the minister apologized to Meshleb and her family, saying his words had been misconstrued.

However, many were still having none of it

"Your apology will not be accepted."