Lebanon's public health minister, Wael Abou Faour, assured people that there was no need for extreme measures to avoid the H1N1 virus and that there was no direct link between the trash crisis and the rise of the virus.

He then jokingly told people to “to stop kissing” in order to stop the virus from spreading. A couple of hours later, Twitter went crazy.

Lebanese people couldn't resist letting this slide by, so they created hilarious hashtags such as # خففوا_تبويس and # KissForFaour in response to what About Faour said:

1. There were those who were genuinely concerned

"Valentine is coming, what do you mean stop kissing?"

2. Then there those who resorted to desperate measures

"Dear minister, if I clean my girlfriend with Dettol, then can I kiss her?" Desperate times call for desperate measures

3. Some even changed their plans

"I was thinking of going to Lebanon in a few days, but if it's like that, I better stay here hahahaha"

4. Some questioned this decision

"What are the necessary cases for kissing?"

5. ..and tried to get to the root of the problem

"Abou Faour had a fight with his wife and now he doesn't want anyone else to kiss"

6. But there was always this one person who spoke to the rest of us

I feel so much better now about being single

Nothing gets by Lebanese people. Talk about having an insane sense of humor!