Lebanon's interior minister Nohad Machnouk called on Lebanese citizens to "revolt" if celebratory gunfire were to erupt following the announcement of the Grade 12 official exam results over the weekend.  

Machnouk voiced his concerns in a video posted to his Twitter account Thursday.  

"There isn’t a single country in the world [like Lebanon] where politicians cover for people who shoot and kill others," Machnouk said in the opening statement of the video. He was referring to the government's leniency towards people who were briefly detained following the Brevet results' announcement, which saw many taking to their guns in a show of celebration.  

He goes on to talk about the latest victim of senseless celebratory shooting, Hussein Jamaleddine - an 88-year-old man - who was struck by a stray bullet in June as a result of the arbitrary use of guns. 

Last year, the Lebanese parliament passed a law criminalizing the act and toughening penalties. Violators are subject to up to three years in prison. But, who's counting, right?

This wouldn't be the first time Machnouk speaks out against celebratory gunfire. 

Prior to the release of the nationwide official Grade 9 examination results, the interior minister held a news conference where he urged people to refrain from celebratory gunfire and to report violators. 

However, the call fell on deaf ears, and the death of Jamaleddine is proof of that. 

Many were outraged following Machnouk's statement with regards to Lebanon's troubling gun culture... 

...Calling it a "sluggish" move

Criticism against the country's government ensued

"But, if we revolt, will we get beaten up?"

Earlier this month, Lebanese activists got together and held a peaceful protest outside Parliament, demanding change in regards to a newly passed electoral law.

But, the peaceful protesters were met with violence by security forces for throwing eggs and tomatoes at passing MP convoys. 

Rising police brutality in the midst of peaceful protests is an unfortunate reality in the country.  

In 2015, hundreds of protestors were beaten to a pulp for taking part in the 'You Stink' movements that saw massive demonstrations against government corruption amid the country's garbage crisis.

With that said, it's no wonder people see in Machnouk's proposed "solution" an insult to their intelligence.