Lebanon, the land of the free and the great! For anyone planning on visiting, there are certain things you are bound to hear about our beloved country.

There is a reputation for Lebanon that has been there for decades. We are quite adamant that times have NOT changed and this reputation is here to stay.

We always want to make sure visitors know these 7 things:

1. "You can ski and swim in the same day!"


Never mind that few, if any, have ever actually done this...

2. "Lebanon is Paris of the Middle East."


3. "We are the most liberal Arab country."


4. "It’s very safe here, just don’t watch the news."


Syria is two hours from Beirut, not close at all.

5. "Don’t let the cab rip you off."


6. "Beirut died and came to life seven times."


It's like a cat.

7. "Hi! Keefak? Ça va?"


Bienvenue! Welcome! Ahla w sahla!