For all those Lebanese living in the United Arab Emirates, you know there's a bunch of things that make the UAE your home away from home. From Lebanese restaurant chains taking over Sheikh Zayed road in Dubai, we know there's no stopping the Lebanese spirit from spreading. Luckily, one of every Lebanese's favorite chains, Kababji, is making its way to Abu Dhabi!

For all the Lebanese in Abu Dhabi, you'll be getting a taste of Lebanon with Kababji Express real soon!

It's the first chain to open in Abu Dhabi and is set to open at The Galleria Mall next month.

This branch is the first Kababji Express outside of Lebanon! If you're still not excited, just know that people's love for Kababji has been never-ending since Kababji first opened in Lebanon in 1993.

Brace yourselves, the time is near …