The Lebanese community lost more than one reason to smile this week. After the loss of Radio One host Gavin Ford on Tuesday, another beloved celebrity passed away that same day. 

Lebanese comedian Amal Hamadeh died at the age of 41 this week after suffering from a stroke, The Daily Star reported

Hamadeh was known for her fearless, and at times blunt, opinions regarding Arab celebrities and their news. 

Her hometown of Nabatieh, South of Lebanon, held her funeral on Wednesday amid a crowded presence of family members and supporters. 

Hamadeh was transferred to Secours Populaire Libanais hospital in Nabatieh on Tuesday, as she was complaining from a massive headache and vomiting. 

She unfortunately passed away on her way to the hospital, sources from SPL told Annahar. 

According to The Daily Star, "several of Hamadeh’s family members have been affected by strokes in the past, including her sister, who also died from a stroke a few years earlier."

Hamadeh became an instant sensation on social media after she was randomly interviewed on the street by a Future TV field reporter in 2014.

At the time, she seemed happy to chance upon an outlet for her frustrations. “Where are the men? Men are extinct!” - which later became a catchphrase for many Lebanese. 

After that, she became a regular on Lebanese talk shows and a media personality known for outlandish opinions and sarcastic commentary on celebrities.

The news of her passing came as a shock to many of her fans and supporters.

Thousands of Lebanese and Arabs took to social media to offer their condolences to Hamadeh's family, remembering her best moments and appearances. 

"You made a difference in everybody's life"

"She was an icon"

"She was tough but honest"

"The impact she had on Arab culture will never be forgotten"

"I wish Amal Hamadeh herself knew that she had such a positive impact on most people"

"You will always be remembered through your famous phrases and humorous soul"

"She used to make us laugh so hard"

"Too lively to pass away"