The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide Awards (LMA)

Nominees Announcement

Official Press Release

The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide, announced their nominees for the Second Annual Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide Awards in a press conference held at Vox Cinemas, in the presence of Emile Eid & actress Lara Rain.

The nomination announcement revealed that the Lebanese film categories, have expanded into ten main categories following last year's ceremony which saw only two categories for Lebanese movie; also announced at the press conference is the date of the event which will also take place at Vox Cinemas, on February 17 2015. This year's Cinematic Achievement Award, will be given to a deceased filmmaker, in the presence of his wife, who is well known internationally and locally and whose work helped pave the way of Lebanese filmmaking, his name will be revealed on January 1st.

Emile Eid revealed that the online voting which is open to the public, begins December 15 at midnight and ends on February 13 at midnight. The jury list includes esteemed film critics such as Emile Chahine, Elias Doummar, Joseph Bou Nassar, Marie-Therese Maalouf, Jasmina Najjar, Mohamad Hijazi, Raya Abi Rached, filmmaker Amin Dora, Cynthia Kahlife and more.

Also announcing at the press conference that 2015, will see the rise of the Lebanese film industry with more than eight movies hitting the Lebanese theaters throughout the year.

The press conference was followed by the exclusive premiere screening of The Seventh Son, starring Julianne Moore & Jeff Bridges, which opens in theaters across Lebanon on December 18, and in the USA in February.

Below is the full list of nominees:


Best Lebanese Motion Picture 1. Vitamin 2. Void 3. Stable Unstable 4. Neswen 5. Heritages 6. Scheherazade Diary

Best Lebanese Actor In A Feature Film 1. Camille Salame - Stable Unstable 2. Carlos Azar - Vitamin 3. Elias Zayek - Neswen 4. Elie Metri - Void 5. Hassan Mrad - Stable Unstable

Best Lebanese Actress In Motion Picture 1. Maguy Bou Ghossen - Vitamin 2. Diamand Bou Abboud - Void 3. Zeina Makki - Neswen 4. Lara Rain - Neswen 5. Nada Abou Farhat - Stable Unstable

Best Lebanese Director Motion Picture 1. Elie F. Habib - Vitamin 2. Mahmoud Hojeij - Stable Unstable 3. Phillipe Aractangie - Heritages 4. Sam Andraous - Neswen 5. Zeina Daccache - Scheherazade Diary

Best Lebanese Writing Motion Picture 1. Georges Khabbaz - Void 2. Claude Saliba - Vitamin 3. Mahmoud Hojeij - Stable Unstable 4. Youssef Sleiman - Neswen

Best Lebanese Editing Motion Picture 1. Neswen 2. Vitamin 3. Void 4. Heritages 5. Stable Unstable

Best Lebanese Soundtrack Motion Picture 1. Void - Cedric Kayem 2. Heritages - René Aubry 3. Vitamin - Ziad Al Ahmadieh 4. Scheherazade Diary - Khaled Mouzanar 5. Neswen - Karina Eid


Best Motion Picture Soundtrack: 1. Gone Girl - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross 2. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes - Michael Giacchino 3. Fury - Steven Price 4. Interstellar - Hans Zimmer 5. The Theory Of Everything - Johann Johannsson

Best Motion Picture Visual Effects: 1. Godzilla 2. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes 3. Interstellar 4. The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies 5. Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Best Animated Movie Of The Year: 1. Penguins Of Madagascar 2. The Boxtrolls 3. The Lego Movie 4. How To Train Your Dragon 2 5. Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants

Best Comedy Movie Of The Year 1. 22 Jump Street 2. A Million Ways To Die In The West 3. Horrible Bosses 2 4. The Other Woman 5. Neighbors

Best Action Movie Of The Year 1. Lucy 2. The Expendables 3 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4. Edge Of Tomorrow 5. The Equalizer

Best Editing For A Motion Picture 1. The Grand Budapest Hotel 2. Interstellar 3. The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies 4. Gone Girl 5. Trash

Best Writing For a Motion Picture 1. Interstellar - Jonathan Nolan. Christopher Nolan. 2. The Lego Movie - Christopher Miller. Phil Lord. 3. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson 4. The Theory Of Everything - Anthony McCarten 5. Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Best Director For a Motion Picture 1. Clint Eastwood - American Sniper 2. Christopher Nolan - Interstellar 3. David Fincher - Gone Girl 4. David Ayer - Fury 5. James Marsh - The Theory Of Everything

Best Actor In a Leading Role 1. Jake Gyllenhaal - Nightcrawler 2. Bradley Cooper - American Sniper 3. Eddie Redmayne - The Theory Of Everything 4. Matthew McConaughey - Interstellar 5. Brad Pitt - Fury

Best Actress In A Leading Role 1. Felicity Jones - The Theory Of Everything 2. Anne Hathaway - Interstellar 3. Rosamund Pike - Gone Girl 4. Shailene Woodley - The Fault In Our Stars 5. Juliette Binoche - Clouds Of Sils Maria

Best Motion Picture Of The Year : 1. Gone Girl 2. American Sniper 3. Interstellar 4. Fury 5. The Theory Of Everything

Best Lebanese Cinema: 1. Cinemall - Le Mall 2. Cinemacity - Beirut Souks 3. Vox Cinemas - Beirut City Center 4. Grand Cinemas - Dbayeh

Best Film Distributor: 1. Four Star Films 2. Joseph Chacra & Sons 3. Les Files De Georges Haddad & Co 4. Eagle Films

Best Independent Distributor: 1. ECS Films 2. Tanweer Films 3. Falcon Films 4. Jaguar Films 5. Selim Ramia & Sons

Best Film Marketing Campaign 1. The Amazing Spider Man 2 2. Transformers: Age Of Extinction 3. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 4. Godzilla 5. The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies