In the Lebanese dialect, you'll find a word or phrase for anything you want to say, no matter what it is.

That's what we learned when we came across the currently trending Twitter hashtag:  #تعلم_الحكي_اللبناني (Learn the Lebanese dialect).

Don't believe us?

Here's proof:

1. When you want extra everything in that shawarma wrap: "Lghema"

2. When you want to call someone out for being ignorant: "Ah ya habeele"

3. When you want to respond to an inappropriate question: "Aych?"

4. When something is hilariously outrageous: "Ya msha7ar"

5. When you want to start a conversation: "Shu fi ma fi?"

6. When you want to express your fondness of someone: "Ye5rib baytak!"

7. When you want to tell someone you're broke: "Tofran 3al Ekhir"

8. When you want to give someone great advice: "W3a w Kabbir 3a2lak."

9. When you want to prove you're multilingual: "Hi, Kifak, Ca Va?"

10. When you want to ask someone to bury you (out of love): To2borni