Anne Marie Salameh Source: Facebook/AnnemarieSalameh

Earlier this month, Lebanese actress Anne-Marie Salameh was attacked in her home by a guard who worked in the same building where she resided.

The man broke into Salameh's apartment, entering her room in an attempt to sexually assault and rape her. 

Speaking out on this week's episode of Future Television's "Bala Toul Seere," Salameh said she wrestled, beat, and eventually overcame her attacker who then fled the apartment block. 

"I woke up and was terrified to see him in my room. I immediately started screaming, hoping that my neighbors would come to my rescue. He started to take his clothes off and that's when I just hit back. We wrestled for a while before I overpowered him and I think it was the rush of adrenaline that made me push that hard. I felt that I could kill him in that moment," she said. 

"He apologized and begged me to let him go, I calmed down a bit, and that's when he tried to attack me again. I pushed him towards the entrance door, but he refused to exit through it. Instead, he jumped and left from a cellar door located inside the apartment," she explained. 

The young actress was left shocked and in severe physical pain after the attack, but refused to stay silent.

She has since spoken out on several local media outlets and on social media. 

Salameh also helped police officers locate and arrest the man, who is now in custody.

People react on social media

Soon after details of the terrifying incident were made public by Salameh, thousands of social media users reacted to her story, hailing her for being brave and courageous. 

"Thank God you're OK. It's incredibly courageous of you to speak out about this"

"I hail you for breaking the barrier of silence, for speaking out and not letting what happened deter you"

Many hailed Salameh for standing up to society

Others were relieved that she escaped the incident unharmed

"Thank God you're safe now." 

Full video of Salameh speaking out about the incident