Vodafone Egypt 's annual Ramadan commercial is always a big deal. Each year the highly anticipated star-studded production receives millions of views and becomes a Ramadan favorite.

But this year, one particular starlet stole the show in Vodafone's successful 2016 Ramadan commercial, titled "The Big Family."

Although the commercial features stars like Egyptian actress Menna Shalaby, Egyptian singer and actress Sherine Abdel Wahab and Egyptian actors Ahmed El-Sakka and Sherif Mounir, it was Egyptian actress Laila Eloui 's appearance in the production that was all the online community could talk about.

Laila Eloui and Ahmed El-Sakka in Vodafone's "The Big Family". Photo source: YouTube
Laila Eloui and Ahmed El-Sakka in Vodafone's "The Big Family." Source: YouTube

Following the release of the commercial, "Laila Eloui" was trending on Twitter in Egypt for almost two days, with thousands of tweets commenting on how the 54 year old actress has managed to stay in remarkable shape.

The actress has also been receiving attention for her role as a lawyer in the Ramadan series "Da Vinci and Her," a black comedy in which she stars alongside Egyptian actor Khaled El-Sawy .

Many of the comments joked about Eloui's timeless appearance, comparing her to Egyptian singer Amr Diab who also "never gets old," while others joked about how Eloui looks better than their 20-year-old selves and some just admiringly stated that the actress looked better than ever.

"I think that we should marry Amr Diab and Laila Eloui so that they can have kids who never get old."

"Laila Eloui is from the species of Amr Diab, the ones of 'no matter how old I get I'm still young.'"

"Guys, Laila Eloui is getting younger and we're getting older."

"Those who tell you that money doesn't do everything, tell them that Laila Eloui is 54-years-old and looks younger in Vodafone's commercial than your friend who is 20 years old."

"Me watching Laila Eloui in Vodafone's commercial."

"Laila Eloui looks better in the commercial than my life."

"Laila Eloui looks younger than me..."

"The best thing that has happened until now is Laila Eloui in Vodafone's commercial."

"Laila Eloui, 54-years-old, and that is all there is to say. Vodafone's commercial."

"We have gotten older mom, and Laila Eloui has become younger than us."