Despite Ramadan series being quite popular among viewers in the Middle East and North Africa, so much so that they have become an inseparable part of the holy month, many Kuwaitis want nothing to do with them.

Thousands of Kuwaiti Twitter users expressed their dismay with their country's productions this week under the hashtag "The Kuwaiti Series Don't Represent Me," which became the top trending topic in Kuwait on Thursday.

The users took issue with how this year's Kuwaiti Ramadan series paint an untrue and unflattering picture of Kuwaiti society, one that doesn't reflect the traditions and values Kuwaiti society holds dear and does not ring true with how Kuwaitis actually live their lives.

"Citizens launch the hashtag 'The Kuwaiti Series Don't Represent Me' to protest some of the decadent scenes that offend Kuwaiti society which preserves religion."

One user said that Kuwaiti series don't represent him or the Gulf, as he commented on a scene where a man kneels to kiss a woman's feet, writing "we are a nation that only kneels for God, damn those who sold their dignity, I can't believe it's possible for them to reach this level."

"The Kuwaiti series don't represent me, they don't represent the people of the Gulf or Muslims as a whole. They are series of moral decay, they teach perversion and immorality," wrote another user.

While another user wrote: "It doesn't make sense that the writer, actor, director and the censorship authorities don't understand, but understand that these are works for destroying society and westernizing the generation."

Another user pointed out how unoriginal the series often are, as they all "have the same story, which includes a marriage, a divorce, sadness and decadence and immorality, and none of them represent the Kuwaiti people."

Other users pointed out that most of the people behind these productions, whether actors or producers, are not even Kuwaiti.

One user wrote: "The series are Kuwaiti, those acting in them aren't Kuwaiti and we have to watch them, who are you?"

"Of course writers and actors with lowly morals don't represent us as a people, shame on you that the majority of the writers and actors aren't Kuwaiti," wrote another user sarcastically.

One Saudi user also commented in agreement saying, "I sympathize with the people of Kuwait because they've been afflicted with lowly series like we Saudis have with a media that makes our society devilish and mocks it."