Last week, Kuwaiti authorities reportedly banned a store from selling 3D printed figurines, Al Qabas newspaper reported

This came after a popular social media star advertised them on Snapchat, capturing one he'd made of himself. The viral social media clip sparked controversy among many of the Gulf state's Islamic scholars, who called on politicians to shut down the store.

In their statements on the matter, several Muslim clerics said that allowing people to create "statues" of themselves violates Islamic teachings. This is because the religion prohibits the worship of statues. 

Amid all the backlash, thousands of Kuwaitis debated the matter via a viral hashtag titled "Statues in Kuwait".

The store has since been shut down

Earlier this week, media outlets visited the store to film reports on it, only to find out that its services had been suspended.

News of the store's closure went viral on Kuwaiti Twitter, with thousands also weighing in on the matter. While some did defend the shutdown of the store, others hit back at the decision, trolling it in a series of hilarious tweets.

Even though a few seemed to be all for the decision

Others couldn't even with the news

"Where will these closed minds take us?"

Many vehemently attacked the decision to close the store

"People who are happy that this figurine store was shut down are the same ones who stand first in line to buy Madame Tussauds tickets. The widespread panic over this issue means we can expect the removal of figures and statues from our national museums out of fear that some person will worship them without Othman Khamees (Kuwaiti cleric) knowing." 

Some hilariously trolled it

Savagely and defiantly sharing their "Asnam" (statues)

"Our beautiful 'sanam'"

"And me? Aren't you afraid someone will worship me?"

Trolling level: Kuwaiti

"Plato salutes you from Kuwait University's Department of Philosophy."  

"They ban every new technology until it becomes widespread and used by these clerics themselves"