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A Kuwaiti man who learned his wife was cheating on him via WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against her in one of the country's civil courts and won it.

Speaking to Al Qabas newspaper, the husband's lawyer, Mona Al Arbesh, said her client came to her after he went through his wife's phone and discovered she was sending intimate photos of herself to several people.

"I filed the lawsuit for him at a civil court and it's basically a reimbursement case for the material and emotional losses he faced as a result of the incident," she said. 

"After authorities investigated the matter and spoke to several witnesses, they confirmed that the wife had in fact cheated on her husband and ordered that she pay him a fine of 5001 KD ($16,500)," she added. 

In their statement on the matter, the court said that this was the least reimbursement it could order in response to the wife's actions.

The case made the rounds on Kuwaiti Twitter

News of the bizarre case circulated on Twitter, leading to divided reactions among users.

The incident left many upset

"Such bad news." 

And quite shocked

Many attacked the wife for cheating on her husband

"She brought this upon herself." 

While some blamed the entire incident on social media

"To sum it up, a group image of things that ruined our social life." 

Others thought reactions to the news were biased

"Because she's a woman, all hell broke loose. If it were a man, you'd say it's normal, just a fling. It's true that she made a mistake, but no one would've said anything if the person who cheated was a man." 

And just couldn't even with the verdict

"If a woman proves her husband cheated on her, she can file a similar lawsuit against them"

"But most women don't do that because they prefer to cover up for their husbands." 

"Kuwaiti women, you want 5001 KD? Snoop on your husbands' phones"

"My Eid gift for you."