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Over the weekend, a Snapchat video that saw a Kuwaiti woman accuse female primary school teachers of being "husband thieves" sparked outrage on social media. The clip went viral after it was uploaded on Twitter and shared by local news pages on the platform. 

In it, the woman states she has recently heard of several complaints from women who claimed their children's teachers had started affairs with their husbands after encountering them at parent-teacher meetings.

The person in the video didn't stop there but also warned all women, asking them to "keep an eye on their husbands".

"To all our mothers, keep an eye on your husbands. Of course, I am not talking about everyone here, but this has been happening and I have so many stories of it on direct messages. Teachers would spot a student's father and start calling him relentlessly to start an affair."

The clip sparked outrage on Kuwaiti social media

Just hours after the video started making the rounds on social media, it left hundreds angry. Some said the woman's claims were unacceptable because she was generalizing while others thought her entire rant was uncalled for. 

Even though a few thought there was some credibility to the woman's account

"She's speaking about an existing reality."

Others were having none of it

"These are lies."

"Honestly, she's shameless"

"This is what things have come to? A teacher being accused of such things?"

Many were angered by the woman's generalizations

"Generalizing one or two such cases and presenting them as if they're a phenomenon is an attack on respectable teachers! These women raise our kids and treat them just as their own. They have all our respect and gratitude."

"I am a father who often drops his kids to school and I've never encountered anything like this"

"If it's an individual case, you can't generalize."

Local teaching associations have since responded to the video

The independent group of Kuwaiti teachers, "The Teachers for Change", condemned the woman's claim and her viral video.

In a statement on the matter, the organization's officials wrote:

"We condemn the viral audio clip which included insulting accusations targeting primary teachers."

"It's unacceptable to attack the honor of any teacher and therefore, we call on the woman behind the video to issue a public apology to our colleagues," they added.