The moment a Kuwaiti TV anchor was hit with a ball as he covered a sports match live on air has gone completely viral on social media. 

The live coverage was broadcast on Kuwait TV's sports channel, also known as KTV 3. In a short video capturing the moment, the presenter can be seen interviewing two guests when his head is suddenly hit. 

The footage started circulating online earlier this week and has since gone viral. Soon after it started to make the rounds on Twitter, people noticed that this isn't the first time the anchor suffered an on-air accident. 

The unfortunate moment has now gone viral

And Kuwaiti tweeps are there for it

"This is what happens when you put a live studio in the middle of a stadium. Please use your brains just for a little bit, there must be a private studio room used for covering such events."

"Unfortunately, this is what made me laugh most today"

"I can't with this, I am dying"

"Ambehh 7aram"

Many are hailing the presenter's reaction

"Good on him, his reaction is that of professionals."

"Wait, isn't he the same one who had a set fall on him before?"

Yep... he unfortunately is

People just can't even

"Poor thing"

The most unfortunate presenter on Kuwaiti television

"He's a great, respectable presenter, but he's just so unfortunate."