Kuwaiti singer Essa Al Marzoug recently caused quite the stir online after a Snapchat video of him eating gold-wrapped steak went viral. 

The footage was initially posted on the celebrity's personal Snapchat account ... but naturally Twitter users got a hold of it. Hours after it was posted online, a debate ensued online. 

Many attacked and criticized Al Marzoug, accusing him of showing off his opulence, while others thought the incident was being blown out of proportion. 

It all started when this clip started circulating on social media

The video left a few people speechless

Some were angered by it

"There are some human beings who can't even afford bread." 

Others accused the singer of being a "show off"

"He shouldn't be so full of himself, 25 gold papers cost 20 KD ($65)." 

Not everyone attacked Al Marzoug though

"I saw this on his Snapchat... what's the problem with what he did?"

Some thought the entire thing was blown out of proportion

"What's so wrong with him eating steak? By the way, he isn't eating real gold. Where are your brains?"

Al Marzoug has since responded to those criticizing him

In a statement made amid the intense social media backlash, the star responded to the criticism.

"The number of insults I've received is just unbelievable. I was at a restaurant and they decided to welcome me with this dish. What was I expected to do, throw it in the waiter's face and ask him not to serve it? I enjoyed the meal and filmed," he said. 

The singer also hit back at those accusing him of flaunting his wealth and fortune. 

"Is what I did debaucherous? No, it isn't. Plus, if I eat wood or metal, it's none of your business, it's going in my stomach. You're praying that I get an illness because of this video? Why? To those saying I could've donated the price of this meal, it's none of your business. Don't pretend you follow God's word more than I do. If you did, you wouldn't have hurled insults at me," he added.