Earlier this week, a group of Kuwaiti men honored an expat tailor - who has lived and worked in their hometown for decades - with a heartwarming gesture that has now gone viral.

The men, who are based in Rumaithiya city, hosted a celebratory lunch to thank the Pakistani man for being there for them throughout the years.

Now identified as Mohamad Bashir, the tailor first arrived in Kuwait in 1963 and has known some of the town's men since they were kids.

Images of the gathering held in his honor started circulating on Twitter just hours after they were uploaded on the platform and they just won over people's hearts. 

More of this is needed in every Arab country where expats live

People absolutely loved it

"Love this." 

Some tweeps who know Bashir also reacted to the images

"Mohamad, God bless him, is one of the emblems of our town." 

"There's still some good in the world"


"I remembered my tailor"

"There are people who truly represent Kuwaitis"