On Saturday, Kuwaiti authorities referred the case of a man who filmed himself brutally beating an expat worker to investigation, Al Qabas newspaper reported

In the clip, the man can be heard accusing the victim of attempting to steal his car and is seen punching him and shoving him around as the worker pleads for help. 

A person who was in the room at the time of the incident was captured trying to rescue the victim, who works as a cleaner for the municipality of Kuwait city. 

Though the attacker continues to be on the run, police across the Gulf state launched a search for him and are tracking him down. 

*The entire video of the attack is available online but we choose not to share it in line with ethical standards.

Just hours after footage of the horrific beating went viral on Arab Twitter, it sparked outrage among thousands. 

As the clip continues to circulate, the attacker posted a video trying to excuse his actions. 

In it, he said people were making a big deal out of the incident and that he only "lightly slapped" the worker around because he was "knocking on the window of his car, trying to steal things." 

"You take everything so emotionally. In Islam, if someone steals, his hand gets cut off," he added. 

However, the man's ridiculous excuses didn't go down too well with many, who continued to attack his actions. 

Many were infuriated by it

"This video is disgusting, no one has any mercy. Even if he did steal from you, you have no right to film him or beat him up. This man is your equal, you aren't superior. Have you no fear of God?"

"Arrogance and enslavement"

"All these punches because he touched your car? You're sick, you need to seek treatment."

Everyone hit back at the man's excuse

"Even if he's a thief, it isn't your right to beat him up."

And were having none of it

"His excuse is worse than what he did and it isn't convincing. Why are there laws in place if everyone is going to go after their rights like this?!"

"No, you didn't just lightly slap him once or twice"

"You could've spoken to him. There was absolutely no need for you to beat him and film your attack. This is an insult to him. And your excuse is stupid." 

Not the first time an attack of this sort sparks fury in the Gulf

Earlier this year, a Kuwaiti court sentenced a national who beat up an Egyptian expat to 17 years in jail. 

The entire assault was captured on CCTV cameras and later went viral on social media. Footage of it sparked outrage among thousands who called on Kuwaiti authorities to take strict action at the time.

In July, Saudi authorities in Riyadh arrested a national who slapped and assaulted an expat cleaner in one of the city's public parks.

The arrest came just days after a video capturing the incident went viral on social media, angering thousands and leading many to speak out against the discrimination often faced by expats in the country.