Kuwaiti authorities have arrested a woman who threatened to set off a bomb outside the country's stock exchange building on Wednesday, Al Rai newspaper reported.

The arrest came after tens of people gathered around the woman, now identified as Noura Al Shemmari, who was holding a protest sign asking people to film her. 

"Do not come close or you'll explode along with me. If you have a Kuwaiti mother, sister, wife, or daughter take a picture of me and share it with the world. Am I Kuwaiti? Yes! Under Kuwaiti law, I am considered a 'whore,'" her sign read. 

When officers approached Al Shemmari to detain her, they found she wasn't hiding any explosive device and had just used the threat to get people's attention. 

While it remains unclear what the woman was protesting, many are claiming she was standing up for herself after she lost a divorce court battle. 

Authorities launched an investigation into the matter to determine the causes behind Al Shemmari's actions. 

Al Shemmari is rumored to have been released

After images and videos of the woman went viral online, tens of lawyers offered to represent her. 

One of them, Kuwaiti lawyer Mona Al Arbash, said Al Shemmari was released from police custody late on Wednesday. 

However, authorities have yet to release any official statement or confirmation on the matter. 

Many had shared videos right from the scene of her protest

The incident went viral on Kuwaiti Twitter and continues to make the rounds online

The woman's protest sign went viral all over social media in Kuwait, leading hundreds to react to the incident. 

While some harshly criticized Al Shemmari for taking to the street to protest her situation, thousands of others were moved by her actions. 

Many said that no matter what the reasons behind her move, she must have been through a lot to decide to take to the street in protest. 

People defended the woman's protest

"She expressed the oppression she was subjected to... the way she did it was misunderstood because people took the word 'explode' literally. What she meant by it was that she was about to explode psychologically and mentally, proof of that is the fact she asked people to film her." 

"What else would have exploded, nothing other than her suffering and frustration"

"She must have been going through a difficult situation"

Many were saddened by the woman's images

"I felt bad for her." 

"What led her to this?"

"She only did this to express the gravity of her suffering"

Several lawyers offered to take up the woman's case after her arrest

"Ms. Mashael Al Shemmari's law firm announces that it is willing to handle Ms. Noura Al Shemmari's case. Her suffering must end."  

"Revolt for your rights no matter where you are, every revolution is female"