Over the weekend, Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah attended a concert at Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center.

Titled Tonight! 80s, the musical visual spectacle took audiences back to Kuwait's 80s. It was well received by the monarch and thousands of Kuwaitis. 

In footage capturing the moment, Al-Sabah can be seen accompanied by the country's Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf. People gave the leaders a standing ovation ... and a pretty royal welcome.

A surprise appearance

People were thrilled at the royal attendance

"The best and most beautiful show in the attendance of Sheikh Sabah and Sheikh Nawaf." 

Several videos from the show circulated online

"When our ruler Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad and Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf attend our entire show, from start to finish, and applaud us, we forget the world. Today, we can't describe our emotions. We sang while tears of joy streamed down our faces." 

The leader was filmed applauding the performances

A standing ovation was in order

"Something you'll only see in Kuwait"

"The country's ruler and crown prince attend a concert in the opera house without security teams and without notifying the venue's management."

"A ruler without bodyguards is one who knows his people are his guards"