Apple will add 300 news emojis to the iOS and OSX platforms, as revealed by developer plans yesterday. The emojis will feature more flags, more skin tones and different family structures.

Regionally, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates were added to the list of flags emojis. Guess we know which countries rank second-place, according to Apple.

Some people were offended by the new skin colors, as they thought that the "Asian" emoji faces were quite yellow, and therefore a racial slur. It was clarified later that that yellow-faced emoji was not actually meant to be Asian, but was merely the neutral skin tone emoji that users could then customize to be Asian, Caucausian, African or Arab. It was meant to a reference of the bright yellow faces from the old dial-up AOL days.

In addition to having five new skin tones available to use, there are same-sex relationship emojis, featuring families with two moms or two dads.

The last emoji scandal?  Red heads, afros and beards have yet to be included.

But perhaps most importantly, some emoji users (this one) are wondering, could there possibly be too many now? How will one filter through the 300 choices? It was difficult enough deciding between sunset at nighttime over the city and sunrise over the sea. What is a girl to do?